Is a Top American Diplomat a Russian Agent?

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The XX Committee

Today the Ukrainian news website GORDON ran an interview with the Russian businessman and sometime politician Konstantin Borovoy. A harsh critic of Vladimir Putin — he recently said Russia’s president is „mentally unstable“ while a year ago he pronounced the collapse of Putin’s corrupt dictatorship to be „inevitable“ — Borovoy is something of a gadfly. A parliamentarian of independent views in the Yeltsin era, he served as an intermediary between Moscow and the rebels in the First Chechen War, and was assessed as „a respected and influential Duma deputy“ by one savvy Western expert, in part due to his staunch opposition to the takeover of Russia by the „special services,“ especially the Federal Security Service (FSB), during the Putin years.

Hence Borovoy’s statements are not to be rejected out of hand as the ravings of a madman. In the GORDON interview, he lambasts Ukraine’s government for having faith…

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